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Consumer Insecticides




Different insects, different insecticides. Is not the same to eliminate an ant, a fly or a cockroach. Not all insecticides are efficient to eliminate the insects if they are not used for the type of insect for which they have been designed. One should read the label to decide the adequate product before using it.


Before using a product it is recommended t oread cerfully the instructions of use, more in the case of insecticides, because we should read the way of using them; respecting the way of use we obtain a better security on the handling and best efficiency against insects. How to keep your home without cockroaches, ants, etc for a long time. There are insecticides specially creted for keeping the home without crawling insects (cockroaches, ants, earwigs, etc).


The productos glue to the surfaces and the insects mentioned before when crossing impregns with insecticide and die. You have to spay it cracks, corners , etc. The Cuchol Insecticide 1 year obtains to hold at bay for 100 years in an easy and economic way. Without mosquitoes outdoors. The best way to stay in open air, in the country, is a terrace or with the windows wide open without the annoying mosquitoes is by using the product Antimosquitoes Spirals Cuchol, repelling spirals, without poison and toxic at all. Very economic. Try them. You will be surprised.


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