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Consumer environment



The respect for the environment is a high priority in Pons Quimicas S.L. We work with chemistry applied to tha actual society and respecting the environment, so to increase and improve life quality.

That is why Pons Quimicas S.L. metes the law 11/1997 of packaging and Waste of Packaging. All the products manufactured by pons Quimicas S.L. have on the labels the symbol of ECOEMBES: Ecological Packaging Spain, management of packaging and waste of packaging. All the products are manufactured with ecological raw materials.


Beeing aware of the future of the environment, Pons Quimicas S.L has installed at his manufacture a purifying plant of industrial waters, using again these waters in the cycle of production. Apart of protecting the environment, it takes care of a good so limited as wáter.



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