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Consumidor your safety


Your security first


When a product manufactured by Pons Quimicas S.L. reaches your hands, it has passed a complete series of controlls, from the designe of the product to the raw material, manufacturing process and marketing. This controlls allow that the products that you use fulfills the European Union Norm concearning safety and environment.


Label Before using a chemical product read carefully the label; there you will find how to use it, for what is made and informstion regarding the following:

  • The manufacturer.
  • Package capacity.
  • Manufacturing lot.
  • Cautions and how to use it.
  • Instructions to preserve and protect. 

Toxicologic Service Phone: 91 5620420. 

All products manufactured by Pons Quimicas S.L. are registred at Toxicologic Institute. In case of accident, pone at the numer mentioned before and indicate the product. They will inform you of the treatment to follow. The labels of chemical products contain a seies of pictograms of caution. The most used are:




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