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Laundry detergent


Preserve our environment and save money on every wash. To help  to preserve our environment we recommend the following:

1.Use concentrated products. In this way we preserve energy, packaging, water, etc.

2.Do not use the washing machine with little laundry. In this way more people will wash at same costs and will save detergent, wáter and electricity.

3.Proportion the detergent in function of the spots and of wáter hardness. It will not wash more  if you put more detergent.

4.Wash with the lowest recommended temperatura. In this way you save energy.

5.Clasify the waste resulted from the packaging.

Avoid surprises. From Pons Quimicas S.L. , we recommend  to read washing machines manufacturers instructions  and the symbols that you fin fon the laundry.

 These symbols are:



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