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Project Description

Asevi Zas trigger lime remover


  • A powerful anti limescale that deep cleans without effort limescale stains leaving your surfaces clean and shiny for longer.
  • ACTIVE FOAM FORMULA: Its revolutionary sprayer allows the solution to be applied in with a higher concentration of active foam.
  • EASIER AND MORE EFFECTIVE CLEAN: Its active foam penetrates any surface, either vertical or horizontal and quickly dissolves the limescale.
  • STAYS CLEAN AND SHINY FOR LONGER: Its special formula avoids the build-up of limescale, achieving long lasting surfaces without any limescale.
  • Limescale Remover Zas is ideal for all types of surfaces where there is a build-up of limescale. BATHROOMS: sinks, toilets, taps, shower curtains, tiles, shower plates. KITCHEN: sinks, taps and tiles.
Ref. Format Units/Box Boxes / Pallet
25434 750 ml. 12 50